Jul 28, 2017
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Enchanted Meadow

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Fairytale themed slots games are always popular, and they always have a fan base because of the popularity of the genre. That’s why many developers like to try to come up with fairytale-themed slots for the mainstream market. There are a lot of things that appeal to players about playing on a fantastical, mythical slot. It’s like losing yourself in another world and having an adventure for a while.

Fairy Queens, magical creatures, and woodland creatures make up the symbols on this beautiful and attractive slot from Play’n Go. It’s a game we certainly would recommend if you have an interest in fantasy and you want to enjoy a unique game with a difference. There is plenty to sing about here, and not just because the game looks and sounds like being in a woodland realm.

There is also the bonus and jackpot features that make this game such a wonderful jackpot slot game. If you’re bored of games that are all style and no substance, or just flat-out dull, you’ve chosen wisely with Enchanted Meadow. Now, let’s look a little closer at what winnings you can earn from playing this game, and what the great bonus features are.

One of the most fabulous and beautiful bonuses can be found in this game. In order to find the best possible bonus, you’ll need to get three bluebells symbols. These will trigger the bonus game, and you’ll be tasked with finding the hidden fairies to claim a reward. This is great fun and adds a skilful dimension to a game that could otherwise have become a dull spin-fest like so many other games.

There’s a cool Free Spins mode in this game as well, which lets you build up potential winnings over several spins. You can even win up to 50 Free Spins in one go, and this is where the real money can be built up. There’s also a Wild symbol on the game that can be used to build up as an expanding symbol. It’s important to try to make use of all the bonus features on this game as well. The Mystery Card Gambling option is a wonderful bonus that allows you to double or quadruple your money by guessing the right card.

Enchanted Meadow has a lot to offer in terms of the bonus features and jackpot opportunities. It’s a fun and frolicking game that adds unique and original twists and helps you to earn some good money while having a great experience at the same time.

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