Sep 22, 2016
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Mr Smith

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Are you tired of playing regular games that never seem to yield more than pocket change? Are you looking for your share of the real money? Then look no further than Mr Smith (Not to be confused with Mr Green), where the following progressive jackpots await your bet:

Bonus Keno (NetEnt)

When you sample this online version of keno you will probably never want to go to the casino again. The game has all the features of an ordinary Keno game and allows you to pick the numbers of your choice and come to a massive windfall.

What’s more, if you don’t trust your choice of numbers you can allow the game to pick them for you and see if the machine is luckier than your hands.

Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

This is one of the most popular jackpots in the gaming world and consequently it is just past the €1,300,000 mark and is steadily rising.

NetEnt outdid itself when it created this game; it is the only progressive jackpot on the game developer’s portfolio that can be both local and pooled depending on the casino that’s hosting it. What that means for you is that before you play, you need to have a look at the jackpot value and figure out what type it is.
On Mr Smith, the jackpot is roughly €400,000 so you can do the math. Nevertheless, irrespective of what type of jackpot is on offer, with Arabian Nights you can never win anything less than €125,000.

Jazz of New Orleans (Play’n GO)

Enter the magical world of New Orleans without leaving the comfort of your living room. The music’s right, the lighting is even better and all that remains is for you to place your bet.

The game features three progressive jackpots so theoretically, your chances of winning at least one of them can’t be bad.

Hall of Gods (NetEnt)

The game’s name alone commands some respect and it certainly deserves admiration for the fact that it features three pooled progressive jackpots. The smallest of the three (Mini) starts at about €100 but has been known to rise to thousands of euros.

The medium sized jackpot is appropriately named Midi and can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros. And the mother of them all is the Mega Jackpot whose value at any given time has got to have at least seven digits. As we speak, it is valued at more than €7,000,000 so you ought to start betting.

Mr Toad (Play’n GO)

If you are looking for something less serious then try this game. When you succeed at getting Mr Toad safely to his sweetheart then you could win any of three progressive jackpots.

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