Mar 6, 2017
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The Top Progressive Jackpots on 32Red

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Why would you gamble, if not to win the jackpot? That’s the question every fan of gaming has asked themselves once or twice. You go big, or you go home. Of course, playing for keeps has its advantages and disadvantages. The rewards can be substantial, but so can the risks. If you’re prepared to take them, though, nothing is going to stand in your way. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest progressive jackpots on 32Red; take a look.  


  There’s a real sting of irony that a slot machine game called Lotsaloot has a relatively small payout of only £4876. Even by most low-stakes standards for jackpots, that’s low. Of course, this could all just have been a fluke. Sometimes the odds align that even the toughest slot games will pay out fairly regularly; dropping the overall jackpot total to far lower than baseline levels.   So what can we deduce from this? Either this slots game paid out a few times in quick succession, or it’s not all that popular of a game. That deserves rephrasing; perhaps this is the underdog slot game compared to the bigger heavy hitters. The fact that it’s hanging with larger jackpots at all on this list is worth something, at least.  

Fruit Fiesta

  My mother always said that fruit was good for me, but I don’t think she was talking about Fruit Fiesta, and it’s £10,134 jackpot. That amount of money would be better for me than any amount of fresh strawberries, apples, and cherries.   Speaking of fruit; do you want to know how slot machines became so closely associated with fruit symbols? Too bad. There was never any valid design reasoning behind using fruit symbols on slot machines; it was all just a theme choice to keep the game looking colourful. It’s anti-climactic, I know.  

Jackpot Deuces

  Deuce, effectively meaning “two of” is an entirely appropriate part of the name for this slot game. Why is it? It’s because the jackpot is two sets of £10,000. Yes, a fabulous £20,000 is up for grabs for you to keep for yourself, or split down the middle with a loved one. Are you sick of the allusions to duality, yet? I’m in two minds to keep them going.   That last one was a little over the edge, I admit. On the other hand, however…  

King Cashalot

  It’s good to be the King. Ol’ Cashalot certainly has a lot of riches to his name, seeing how the jackpot has reached as high as £471,000. Six figures of pure financial bliss await those willing to try taking the crown. You could say it’s a Princely sum of money, and that you’ll be living like Royalty if you were to win it.   Put down your pitchforks and torches; I’m done with the Monarchy jokes. You don’t have to go all “French Revolution” on me. Unlike most actual positions within the Monarchy, King Cashalot seems fairly anxious for you to unburden him of his fabulous riches. Most Royalty balk at the idea of having their “rightful” riches taken away from them.   Just ask the British Monarchy; who is still in possession of many precious jewels raided during the colonial empire days. They’ll have you thrown in the Tower of London for even looking at them the wrong way.  

Mega Moolah

  I’m going to need you to take a deep breath before we continue any further. Taken one? Good. Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot sits at a stunning £9,026,477. Those commas are correct, no misplaced decimals in there. Those seven figures are as real as you and me. Of course, you can’t just reach out and take it. No; you need to work for it. You play, and you earn the chance to go home with the biggest winnings you’ll ever see in your life.   So what’s it going to be; play it safe, or walk away with the cash prize of a lifetime? Take your time, weigh up those odds. It’s not like someone else is going to win and walk away with your prize money. Except, that’s exactly what is going to happen. The longer you delay; the more chances are being given to others.   They say patience is a virtue, but in this case; it’s a handicap. It’s time to walk on the wild side. If you want big money, you need to play fast and with flair. So get on that slot game, and win yourself a fortune!  

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