Nov 10, 2016
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William Hill

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On you can expect to find everything from sports betting to table games and the latest video slots. As far as the slots go, here are some of the casino’s jackpots:

Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

This pooled progressive jackpot is set in the middle of the African wilderness and features four jackpots. The largest of the four is the Mega Jackpot which debuts at about £1 million and is headed towards the £2 million mark.

The smaller jackpots aren’t doing too badly either with the Major one starting out at something like £10,000 while the Minor and Mini jackpots can console you with at least £100 and £10 respectively.

Major Millions Progressive (Microgaming)

Its jackpot may not be as rewarding as that of Mega Moolah but a check of at least £250,000 doesn’t look bad on any day. In addition, the game has been known to pay out an average of about £400,000 which isn’t bad by any standards. On William Hill, the jackpot is at about £600,000 if someone hasn’t already made away with it.

Plants vs Zombies (Blueprint Gaming)

On this game, the jackpot is local meaning that how much you win depends on how many people are playing the game on William Hill.

From some of the latest numbers it would seem like the game is quite popular with its jackpot rising towards the £850,000 mark. So how can you cash in on all that money? You need to play until the Cherry Bomb free spins appear and your life could change forever.

Deal Or No Deal Jackpot

Just like the show that bears the same name this game is all about finding the boxes with the highest values. The jackpot is attached to the main game where you keep betting and opening boxes until the ‘Jackpot Token’ appears.

You will then get an opportunity to open 5 boxes and if they all contain the jackpot tokens then the money is all yours. And don’t lose heart if you don’t win the coveted price; the game has some consolation prizes just for you.

On William Hill the Deal Or No Deal Jackpot is at approximately £63,000 and rising but your chances of winning it are determined by how much you bet. Thus the more you spend, the more likely you are to win.

Notre Dame (OpenBet)

On this local progressive jackpot you could see yourself walking away with £100,000 or thereabouts. All you need to do is have fun at the game until the Chest Bonus shows up. When you open it, a wheel of fortune appears and if you can get it to land on Diamond then you are rich!

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